We serve seniors 60 and over who live in the greater Franklin, Ohio area, including the cities of Franklin, Carlisle, and Franklin Township.



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What is going on at the Deardoff Senior Center

 Deardoff Gazzette August 2015 

 DSC 2015 Weekly Activities.pdf 

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Visit our calendar page to se e what  is going on.


Monthly Carry in Lunch

  • January - October - 4th Friday of the Month
  • November - December  -  3rd Friday of the Month
  • Blood Pressure checks beginning at 11:00 a.m.
  • Birthday Celebration and Lunch begins at 11:30 a.m.


"Life is good, enjoy the ride, join the Deardoff Senior Center."

Only $15 per year



We need your help - Please Volunteer

The DSC needs volunteers. We need volunteers with:

  1. clerical skills
  2. cleaning skills
  3. repair skills
  4. kitchen help
  5. serving at events
  6. editor for the newsletter
  7. receptionist skills
  8. grant writing
  9. you name what you want to do we can find a volunteer position for you

Call Stella at (937) 743-8100 for details.


Ohio Benefit Bank

The Deardoff Senior Center is an Ohio Benefit Bank site by appointment only serving the greater Franklin, Ohio area.


Member Franklin Chamber of Commerce